The process of customising a bespoke luxury watch is indeed an art. Each watch echoes the possessor’s characteristics and connotes its own story through the dial.

A requisite for customization involves closely working with the client in understanding their vision. The first interaction between the client and the expert watch designer leads to exchange of ideas which are worked upon to build concrete concepts and designs. The designer and the watch maker then transform this idea into a sketch or even a digital creation to convey the message as envisioned by the client.

Additionally, one can also get watch backs monogrammed with texts and engravings to convey the emotion or message. After collating the details of the design or text to be monogrammed, a handmade sketch of the monogram is prepared. The sketch is then used to create a wax dye which eventually lays the foundation of the cast. With special attention given to the intricacies of the design, the monograms are then casted in gold and silver while ensuring extreme attention to detail.

Numerous watch connoisseurs approach with monograms, coins and motifs of personal significance that they want to turn into heirlooms. We work with them in suggesting designs and concepts that effortlessly weave their personal elements into the timepiece. While the letters are laser cut out of precious metals before being set into the watch, the watch backs can be are engraved with signatures and messages.

It is also imperative to know the importance and relevance of a perfect and sturdy movement and the reason for selecting such a movement among many others out there in the market. Extreme care is given to minimalistic positioning and placement of the movement inside the case, making it a perfect blend of the ancient and the modern.

After the dial, the clients can choose from a select range of straps in a variety of genuine leather, or precious metals. The straps are created to compliment the watch dial and the concept discussed upon with the clients. The selected strap is then assembled with the watch by hand and utmost care. The watches can be handcrafted in both gold and silver too.

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