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Harbouring the hobby of numismatics and turning it into a passion to create the extraordinary, led to the establishment of Jaipur Watch Company. The brand aims at redefining horology with exceptional concepts revisiting an era to create mesmerising pieces of art. With the quest of creating something exceptional and a Masters Degree in Risk Management from UK, Gaurav Mehta created Jaipur Watch Company.

Jaipur Watch Company handcrafts limited edition selection of timeless pieces that exude tradition with a subtle hint of contemporary design. These masterpieces are unassailable in engineering and helmed by the artistry of the Founder amalgamated with the skill of experienced craftsmen. Each watch is handcrafted meticulously to be cherished as heirlooms that are worthy of being passed down generations.

History delights, intrigues, and mesmerizes. Every Second in history holds a story and Jaipur Watch Company attempts to connote these stories through its watch dial. Embedded with ancient coins every watch is bespoke and unique to the wrist it sits on, resonating the possessor’s characteristics while bringing to life the royal history. Jaipur Watch Company endeavours to amalgamate the panache of the modern with the regality of the ancient.

Connoting stories through a watch dial, the Jaipur Watch Company is proficient in the art of bespoke watch making enhanced by uniquely embedded concepts like ancient coins, monograms, emblems, flags, insignia, motifs and more. Thus, bringing to life history and creating timepieces in gold and silver with intricate detailing and versatile belts.

Jaipur Watch Company is undeniably India’s first bespoke Watch Company with an exclusive distinctiveness. The brand endeavors to offer elegant timepieces for the discerning across the globe.

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